DJ Traci Steele Talks K.Michelle Drama And Being Worth More Than Her Baby Daddy




VH1: What do you think about the other women on the show?

Traci: Right now I have women that I adore and I think they’re awesome and I think they’re crazy, like Joseline. I think Joseline is crazy, but I love her. She says what’s on her mind, she don’t care what nobody thinks, and I think more people need to be like that. Stop worrying about what other people [are] saying about you and just worry about you. To me Mimi is like grown. She’s a grown a– woman. I think Erica and I have a lot in common in terms of us being moms, raising our kids in the music industry. I have some people I love and there’s some people I can’t freaking stand.

VH1: K.Michelle wasn’t mentioned as someone you love so is there a problem there?

Traci: I don’t have a problem with anybody. People say things about me and they don’t know me. I just fall back and let things unfold as they may. Sometimes I don’t understand why people talk so much s— if you don’t know me, but hey at least you talking about me. I ain’t mad. Please keep putting my name in your mouth. Let everybody know who I am.

VH1: What was up with K.Michelle calling you an opportunist?

Traci: It baffles me because I’m doing the same thing you were doing, boo. What’s the difference between you and I, honey pie. But I let you live. I’m not even sure she knows what an opportunist is. You so far into Wikipedia, look that s— up. Opportunists, they benefit off of other people and they do things maliciously just to gain. I don’t gain from other people. I got on this show to build my family. I’m not hurting anyone in the process and I’m building a brand and I’m building an empire. That’s the same thing you doing, so I mean opportunist, it take one to know one.

VH1: What do you think is the difference between Love and Hip Hop New York and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta?

Traci: I think Atlanta is turnt up times 10. I watched New York and I love New York, that’s where I’m from. It had its drama filled moments, but I think Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is taking it to another level with its crazy ad turntupness. Is that a word? I just made it one. [laughs]

VH1: Are you concerned about your image seeing as how you’re a business woman and respected DJ?

Traci: People are going to say whatever they want to say. No matter what people say about how I act I still run my business and I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing. So I’m not concerned about my image. Everybody has a little bit of turnt up inside of them they just don’t show it. I’m showing you. I’m letting you know that when it comes to my son I’mma go to the next level like any parent. There is one thing I want to say. I’ve seen people on social media saying I got with Drew because he’s Chris Brown’s DJ. No, boo boo. I was with him before Chris honey. I was with him when he had zero dollars and I helped him pay off all his bills so he could get himself on his feet ’cause whoever I’m with is gon’ be on my level. Then he got with Chris and lost his everlasting mind and forgot who held him down at the beginning. Sadly enough whose still holding him down now. But trust, if I ain’t have no kid with him I wouldn’t even know who DJ Babey Drew is.

VH1: I’m glad you brought that up.

Traci: Let’s be real honest, [as far as] networth I’m worth more than he is. BAM! He’s far from broke, neither am I. I own my properties and businesses, [which] altogether is worth more than he is. Period. And he knows it.

VH1: And that’s why he’s asking you for 25 stacks.

Traci: BOOM!

VH1: You seem so personable, bubbly and funny. What do you want people to take away from seeing you on the show?

Traci: I want people to take positives from the show. The whole show is not about ratchetness and negativity. There are positive moments in there. Look for ‘em! Stop feeding off the negative. Stop trying to aim at people and degrade people and bring them down and insult them. Only miserable people do miserable things. Try to be positive. You like something, you see something you like, comment on that. You give positivity you get positivity.

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