Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 3 – “Off With That B*tch Head”



“My name Rah-sheeeeda, I rap like Shawty Lo.” There were so many jaw-dropping moments, but K.Michelle mocking Rasheeda was by far the funniest. Only on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta will you find a beautiful rapper and pretty singer shading one another’s careers.

Karlie Redd‘s in the booth working on her rap all while being messy. And why not make a diss record toward K.Michelle and let Rasheeda hear it? Traci comes along for the entertainment and tries to grasp what is going on. “Come on, get on a verse,” Karlie tells Rasheeda. “I am so not about to waste my beautiful voice on no gotd– zoo animals. I can’t do it,” Rasheeda responds. Traci eggs Rasheeda on persuading her with the “I’ll play it [on the radio]” if she just does the song. Rasheeda says she’ll think about it. When Karlie asks when is the last time she saw K, Rasheeda says, “Oh, I was driving down Boulevard pass the Atlanta Zoo and she was right outside that b*tch eating some grass.” Oh, Rasheeda.


Scrappy confesses to Erica that his mom and Shay popped up at the studio. Erica’s first question, like any woman’s would’ve been, “How she know you was at the studio?” Erica’s thinks Scrappy shouldn’t have even entertained the conversation. “You think she came with your mama?” Erica asks. Of course she did, and if Erica has to talk to MommaDee to let her know she’s not going anywhere then that’s what is going to have to happen. “At this point, I’m gon’ be respected. Period.” Erica’s so fed up with the foolishness she’s lost her appetite.


There’s nothing like a house warming to bring together a group of friends, except when two of the women are now enemies. Rasheeda and K.Michelle ignore each other as if the other doesn’t exist at Mimi‘s housewarming, but Ariane plays peacemaker by asking K why she’s so quiet. “Say hi to each other,” Ariane says. “We at a housewarming.” “I ain’t trying to be no grown a– woman arguing with no next grown a– woman arguing all the time,” Rasheeda said. When Rasheeda tells K.Michelle she obviously comes across her mind all the time K corrects her and says, “No bitch. You and your little Instagram essays. Who takes out time to type out a full essay on Instagram?” The two exchange insults back and forth. “Just worry about when your a– gon’ hit the floor, that fake s—. When that motherf—- drop and yo a– in the hospital some f—- where ok?” Rasheeda leaves because “I’ll be ready to hit a b—.” As Rasheeda’s walking out K.Michelle says, “Tell Kirk and his three earrings I said hello.”


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