Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 3 – “Off With That B*tch Head”


This pisses Rasheeda off so she steps to K, which results in K throwing a candle at Rasheeda then kicking her. The two tussle a bit trying to get past security. K never stands up until the end. “I’m Rahhhsheeda, I rap like Shawty Lo,” K.Michelle teases. Mimi walks out to talk to Rasheeda. “I tried,” Rasheeda said. “We never gon’ be friends.” Is that what Rasheeda calls trying? Ariane eventually comes outside too and can’t believe this happened at a house warming. “Oh my god, it’s a housewarming.What the hell?” They all agree it should’ve gone down differently.


Scrappy is stressed about the situation his mom put him in with Shay. “You got a granddaughter with Erica, not with her. It ain’t, ain’t nothing coming out of that, ain’t nothing coming from it, ain’t nothing gon’ happen,” he tells his mom. Momma Dee lies and tells Scrappy he ran across Shay in the street, but of course he’s not buying that. “It sound like you lying already.” Even Scrappy thinks she has taken this prince of the south thing a little too far. He tells her they’re going to have a family dinner with her, Erica, him and Erica’s mom Mignon. Good idea or no?


“You look beautiful and I miss you and I want to see my baby,” he tells Mimi after she finally agrees to meet him. Mimi wants to set a schedule for him to see Eva. She’s not going to keep him from his daughter but since he’s not in her life anymore he can’t see them anytime he wants. “Where do you live?” he asks. “You seeing somebody?” “Stevie I’m doing me,” she says. Mimi gives him the silent treatment because it’s none of his business. “Where do you live?” he asks again. “I live in Atlanta.” “Well you know I’ll find out where it is. I ain’t trippin’.” Stevie’s living that creep life.


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