Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 3 – “Off With That B*tch Head”


Over dinner Rasheeda runs down why she’s cleaning candle wax off her jewelry. “If I wanted to be gay I’d be gay,” Kirk said responding to K.Michelle’s constant accusations that Kirk’s gay. “Her picking up s— and throwing it at you, that s— is a no-go.” Now he thinks he has to step in because he doesn’t want his wife getting hurt.


“Why you coming up in here looking like Malcolm X?” Joseline asks Stevie. She just got off stage and made a quick $7500–without Stevie. Stevie’s looking for the money, but since he didn’t book the gig Joseline has no dough for him. “Act like a f—– manager and then maybe your a– will get paid. And give me my f—- contract.” “If I don’t get my money, we got a problem,” Stevie J says. Joseline calls his bluff. “What you gon’ do?” Joseline snaps on him, puts her finger to his cheek and walks off leaving Stevie without a penny, and looking like [blank] from Sugar Hill. “Coming in here looking like a turtle,” Joseline vents to her friend Dawn. She is absolutely sick of Stevie.


K.Michelle apologizes to Mimi for “waxing” Rasheeda at her house. Mimi is unmoved. “But K, it seems like there’s a pattern,” Mimi says. “You’re so angry.” K.Michelle gets why Mimi thinks that but doesn’t agree. Well Mimi wants to know can she have a conversation with Rasheeda. “Never. That bitch is ghost.” Mimi still wants K.Michelle to learn how to make better decisions in handling situations. “Don’t you ever in your life, I don’t give a damn who come in that godd— door,disrespect my f—-g house like that,” Mimi said.


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