In Honor Of Model Employee VH1 Stars Reminisce About Their Worst Jobs



In just a few short hours, Model Employee will bring us eight beautiful and ambitious ladies vying for a chance to be the face of a luxury Las Vegas hotel. How they go about getting to the top of the ladder will vary, and is largely dependent on dirty dishes, hungry sharks, and–we’re going out on a limb here–lots (and lots) of tears.

In honor of tonight’s premiere, we thought was only fair to ask our VH1 friends about the most unappealing job they’ve ever had, long before the television cameras started rolling. Brace yourselves for unappetizing tales from the world of food service and retail, where not everyone is potty trained.

Unlike Major Harris, we can’t all be reality TV-famous from birth. Check out the unusual tasks your favorite stars once did for money, below.

JENNY McCARTHY, The Jenny McCarthy Show


Photo Credit: Jenny McCarthy

“In college, I needed money, so I offered myself as a cleaning lady and was hired by fraternities. I cleaned fraternity bathrooms with just bleach and a brush and was dying of fumes. I scrubbed so hard and only made like 15 dollars.”

TRACI STEELE, Love And Hip Hop Atlanta


“I was a loan officer at a bank. I’m just not a 9 to 5 person, I’m an entrepreneur by heart and soul. I’m not supposed to have a boss, I’m supposed to be a boss. When I was confined and stuck I felt like I was being strangled. Some people can do a 9 to 5 all day every day and they love it. Me? I thought I was dying. I did it when I first moved to Atlanta for a couple months just to bring in some income. Once I got into the radio and starting doing clubs I didn’t need the bank anymore. And I ran. Do you hear me? I ran.”

CARRIE KEAGAN, Big Morning Buzz Live With Carrie Keagan


“I loved working with the animals at the store in college, but cleaning those ammonia-smelling, brown piss-stained bunny cages bright and early on Sunday morning… all by myself… after a long night partying at the bar… was just too much! I would empty the urine-soaked pine shavings into the trash can and dry heave until I threw up. Then on to the next cage, empty, puke, repeat. It’s a good thing those little fuzzy jerks were cute!”



“My first job ever was as a sales assistant in a shoe store back in England. I was 13 and already eager to make the big bucks! If you don’t count the plethora of demanding customers requesting to try 10 pairs of shoes at a time (almost always in sizes stocked on the most unreachable shelves) before leaving empty handed, and if you minus the stinky feet, it wasn’t so bad at all. Okay, I’m lying. I hated every minute of it.”

JIM SHEARER, VH1’s Top 20 Video Countdown


Photo Credit: Jim Shearer

“In college and grad school I worked at Subway, which wasn’t my worst job, but put me in the worst situations. One night a little after closing a customer tapped on the door and asked for a sandwich. My co-worker–an older woman with a spark-plug personality–pulled a gun out of her purse and said, ‘If he tries anything, shoot him.’ She then proceeded to make him a sandwich, and fortunately, I didn’t have to shoot him.

Note: My worst job was making wire transfers at a bank (a job I hated so much I quit after one day).”

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