In Honor Of Model Employee VH1 Stars Reminisce About Their Worst Jobs


PETE LEE, Best Week Ever


Photo Credit: Pete Lee

“This was my worst job ever (see above), because I had to water ski with girls on my shoulders…while wearing spandex and sequence outfits. I used to have a job as the Best Buy Geek Squad Model. When I say that I ‘used to,’ I mean that I still am. Worst job ever, because I got paid pennies back in 2004, and and my face is still on every mouse pad and brochure in their store.”


Photo Credit: Pete Lee

JEN “THE PEN” BAYER, Love And Hip Hop


“In between me working as an assistant to songwriter Adonis Shropshire and taking wardrobe stylist jobs, I had a dry spell in the entertainment industry and decided maybe I should just take a regular assistant job. I was in my mid-twenties at the time, and the job was to assist a psychiatrist who lived in Staten Island. I thought, ‘This should be easy. I can run errands for her and never have to leave the island.’ I didn’t last for more then a day. She ended up being a crazy cat lady who was a hoarder and lived in filth and cat hair. I ran one errand for her, which happened to be to get cat litter, dropped it off and never returned.”



“Growing up in Waunakee, WI there was one job that almost every teenager did:detasseling corn. I was 16 and we would walk in the rain or extreme heat to pull that damn tassel off the corn–you would have to be careful not to get your eye caught by a corn stalk leaf or the day was over. Also, you would walk out of a mile-long row of corn to see all the corn leaf scratches and cuts you received, and knew you had to go back down the other row to endure the same thing all over again from 7 am until 3pm! I was always the first out, and I remember watching the others come out of the field; it was like a scene out of The Children of the Corn. It was horrible, but the pay was good for a teenager. I did it for a week and a half and that was it.”

JASON DUNDAS, Big Morning Buzz Live


“My worst job was collecting golf balls at a golf driving range. I had to wear hockey mask and I had to walk around at the 100-feet line and pick up the balls while people were still hitting them… AT ME! I got paid $6, I worked for one hour, and I quit. With the $6 I made I went next door and brought myself some McDonald’s.”

PO JOHNSON, La La’s Full Court Life

Black Girls Rock! 2011

Photo Credit: Getty Images

“My worst job ever was at Kroger in First Colony Mall [in Sugar Land, TX]. It was horrible. I was a ‘grocery bagger,’ because I couldn’t pass the cashiers test. Part of my job was to go gather up all the baskets outside, and I would always accidentally make the baskets run into the customers cars. To top it off, my manager was obsessed with Dr. Pepper, so his breath was gross and smelled like corn syrup. I eventually got fired for messing up people’s cars.”

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