In Honor Of Model Employee VH1 Stars Reminisce About Their Worst Jobs



“I was a telemarketer for credit consolidation, but everybody would hang up on me. Why would you hang up on me? I’m cute, I have no lazy eye, and all my teeth. So I used to have a little fun with the housewives who would answer when I would call during the day–put on a sexy voice and whisper, ‘Hey, is Bob there?’ I got fired. Real fired.”

KIM OSORIO, The Gossip Game


“The worst job I ever had was working at a clothing store in the Bronx during the Easter season. In actuality, it wasn’t that bad of a job. Other than never truly figuring out how to fold the shirts correctly and standing on my feet all day, I enjoyed having a job that paid me when I was 14 years old. The problem was that after getting the job on Monday, I was let go on Friday. Apparently, we were hired as ‘seasonal’ employees, and the season was over that same week.”



Photo Credit: Liv Mercer

“I currently work with Tim, Jon, and Greg at the local hotel. While Greg is an excellent employee (you’re welcome, Greg), he thinks that every time we work together is the most perfect and appropriate time to work on all things Grand River; he finds it necessary to practice lifts right behind the desk–just scoops me up and I hang there. He’ll ask choreography questions and we will go over choreography behind the front desk and the kid sings, in full voice, every day at work. People awkwardly walk by wondering why the front desk man in a bow tie finds it necessary to sing louder than the radio. Working with Greg is constantly entertaining. Never a dull moment.”

JANELLE SNOWDEN, Big Morning Buzz Live With Carrie Keagan

“My worst job ever was the summer of 9th grade. I was 14 and worked as a camp counselor to a group of four-year-olds. Seven simple words for why it was the worst job ever: NOT ALL OF THEM WERE POTTY TRAINED!”

ROB JONES, Off Pitch


“I own an Estate Sale Business which I liquidate the contents of homes after death or relocation. I was contracted to liquidate the contents of a condemned home in La Crosse. Two spinster sisters lived in their family home from the day they were born, so my crew and I emptied 11 full dumpster loads of of pure trash out of this little three bedroom farm house and when we finally got the trash removed, family photos revealed that every single item in the home was in the exact spot since the mother died in the early 1900’s. Trash was not the only things we removed—yes, we found the remains of ALL their pets. The mice had taken over the house as well as the roaches. Not a dish had been washed since the mid 1900’s and the food in the refrigerator was labeled from the ’70s It was the worst stench you can imagine and we wore gloves and face masks.”

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