The 12 Most Amazing Love And Hip Hop Mama Moments



Love And Hip Hop mothers are one of a kind, and we’re all BIG fans. Who wouldn’t be? From Mama Jones to Momma Dee to Jewel, Yandy and Emily, Love And Hip Hop moms have given us the love, the tears, the tenderness, and enough crazy moments to never, ever forget.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we asked Love And Hip Hop fans from far and wide to vote for the most amazing “mama moments” in the LHH universe. After a tight race yesterday, here are the Top 12 that made the final cut:


This, ladies and gentlemen, is what the fans voted as the “mother” of all mom moments. In Season One of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, The Queen of the South passionately and incorrectly spelled the vicious word “b**ch” on national television. Did she really? We had our doubts — we even suspected that it was an Illuminati secret code meant to put the audience into a trance and have them bow down in complete adoration. Nevertheless, the moment was so epic we chose to to immortalize it.


Seething with anger over Chrissy, Mama Jones turned her vitriol into something creative, dropping a hit rap record that jacked-up her hustle and boosted her street cred. Never mind Jim Jones‘ frustration over his unruly “mutha’ rappin,” or Chrissy’s pain and embarrassment, “Psychotic B**CH” quickly became a hot club staple.


Real men do three things: drive hot cars, defend their ladies, and cry with their mothers. In this tender moment from Season Two of Love And Hip Hop, Jim did all three in one swoop. Sure we had a lump in our throats when Mr. Jones sobbed and complained about the messy relationship between his girl and her mother, but we didn’t reach for the tissues until Mama Jones broke down beside him. Sometimes, the tough ones are also the most tender.

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