Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 Beefs


K.Michelle and Karlie Redd
Karlie Redd being hit was the restaurant’s silverware isn’t going to keep her from letting her problems with K.Michelle go. So her bright idea is to make a diss record and add fuel to already lit fire.


Mimi and Joseline

At this point is there really a beef? Both women will be in Stevie‘s lives. They’ll continue to throw jabs at one another, but it’ll never go further than that. Moving right along…


Erica and Momma Dee
Erica went HAM on Momma Dee at the dinner table. Moma Dee seems to have no interest at all in smoothing things over with her daughter-in-law to be. But Scrappy doesn’t want any problems so the ladies will have to figure it out.


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