Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 Beefs


Stevie J and Benzino
Joseline’s his woman and Benzino’s his friend. Stevie can’t have his homie going around saying he smashed his girl, if what Karlie is saying is true.


Joseline and random chick Stevie’s “working with”
Once again Stevie wants Joseline to work with a new artist he’s trying to put on. Joseline ain’t having it.

Traci Steele and K.Michelle
K.Michelle thinks Traci’s an opportunist. Traci thinks K.Michelle needs to Google the definition. We think they’d actually get along.


Karlie and Benzino
Karlie ran her mouth, Benzino says he didn’t say it, Karlie gets mad. All of this could’ve been avoided if Karlie had done one thing.

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