Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 4 – ‘You Gon Check This N***** Or What?’



It’s hard to not like a woman who makes you laugh in the way K.Michelle does. Every week on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta K’s slick and witty mouth can make even a prude laugh to the point of tears.

Erica went from 0 to 120 on Scrappy and Momma Dee during what was supposed to be a dinner that resolved some ongoing issues. Scrappy decides he has to talk to his mom about forgiving Erica for snapping. “When you checked me she felt like it was the gate open to, ‘I can go in on his mama,'” said Momma Dee. “She went HAM, but she didn’t call you out your name,” Scrappy says. Momma Dee can’t believe Scrappy wants her to let it slide. “She comes with the s— first…she’s a disrespectful bitch, Scrappy.” Scrappy’s mom wants the best for him in an overbearing, can’t let go type of way. Finally Scrappy’s letting her know he’s his own man. “Just have my back way in the back, you feel me? Hollering distance, ya feel me?” Maybe Scrappy could set her up on a date.


Stevie J has Joseline stressed to the max so she has some chocolate and tea to soothe her mind. Joseline thinks
without her he will have nothing in her eyes she has the upper hand. “Looking like boo boo the fool with them ugly glasses on,” Joseline says about him to Dawn. Dawn wants Stevie to be able to separate the business from personal, especially when they’re in public.”If I have sex with him it’s a problem, if I don’t it’s another problem,” Joseline explains. Joseline doesn’t know what to do. He’s driving me crazy because I think he’s crazy.”


K.Michelle invited Mimi over to talk about her “hot pocket.” “I have a drinking problem when it comes to sex. I have a broke hot pocket,” K.Michelle said. Girl, what? Apparently the last guy K.Michelle was dating was hitting all the right spots, and now when she meets someone new she has to have some Jack just to get her in the mood. “This is the first dude EVER that I’ve gone hard for.” K’s going to go to the doctor to get a certified expertise on what Mimi summed up in 30 seconds. “Ain’t nothing wrong with that thang it’s just you like somebody and you want him back and that’s the issue.” BOOM! K.Michelle has a song for this. “My coochie don’t work no more/it’s broke. It’s numb.” Mimi has some news of her own. She’s made an old friend a new friend. There’s no drama with the new guy she’s dating and she’s happy. Stevie’s somehwere plotting to take his spot back.


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