Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 4 – ‘You Gon Check This N***** Or What?’


It’s time for Erica and Scrappy to make up as they normally do. Asking for his ring back was nothing new to Erica since he does this every time they get into an argument. What Erica won’t let go of is her feeling like he chose his mom over her. “We all could’ve handled it differently,” Scrappy says. “We’re supposed to be a team, we’re supposed to be one, and you’re supposed to have my back. I don’t feel like you did at all,” Erica tells him. Erica justifies her actions because she was in her home, plus, according to her this is a 10 year ongoing issue. Erica thinks Scrappy can keep Momma Dee from disrespecting her, Scrappy promises he can’t control his mom. Based on that Erica wants to pump the brakes on the marriage. “I don’t want to start planning a wedding until I honestly feel like you got my back,” she said.


Drew stepped to Traci with a real business plan. He’s found a location for the sneaker boutique for $5,000 a month. “I’m a hustler, baby,” he tells her. Traci thinks that all sounds fine and dandy, but she needs to see the business plan, she wants to talk to his lawyer and she wants a say so in the hiring. “You know that I have to be cautious about this,” she said. Drew doesn’t have time to wait for her to think about it. “Yes,” she says through some coughs. Traci investing 25,000 in her baby’s daddy business is going to have every man wishing he had a baby mama like Traci.


Stevie J wants to make everything right with Joseline. He sure knows how to woo a woman right back into his arms. Not only does he bring her the contract, he says he will give it to her or rip it up. And yes, there’s more, he has a new single to play for her. Joseline is not moved. “Yeah Stevie, but you can’t just be popping up on me acting like how you act. You stress me out. You do too much,” she said. Joseline tells him he doesn’t make her happy before she starts crying. Stevie doesn’t get how or why Joseline would be stressed because of him. “I want you to just leave me alone. That’s all I want,” Joseline tells him. Stevie J pours it on thick by convincing her he cares about her and only wants to make her smile. “So what is it gon’ be? Do you want to love me, you want me to love you back, or you just want to work?” he asks. “Giving me money and buying me nice things does not make me happy,” Joseline said. Cue J.Lo “My love don’t cost a thing.”


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