Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 4 – ‘You Gon Check This N***** Or What?’


What better place to get marital advice than in Atlanta’s most popular strip club–Magic City. “She put the paws on me,” Scrappy tells Kirk. If Scrappy thought he was going to get sympathy from Kirk about Erica being mad over Momma
Dee’s disrespect, he was definitely mistaken. The consensus is that Momma Dee is too much. For anyone. “Ya mama protect you like you about 10,” Kirk says. Now that Erica wants to put a pause on the engagement he’s not feeling he should be all in. Then comes the stripper doing a split with her booty in his face. “Gotd— with yo face,” he says as he throws dollar bills on the stage. It’s going to be a long night.


Now that Joseline gave Stevie a piece of her mind it’s time to get the romance popping. As they’re in bed she tells him the tea Karlie Redd spilled about Benzino showing her the tape of Joseline playing with herself and saying he smashed. “He said he had sex with you? Why he lying on his beefcake?” Stevie’s going to holler at Benzino to see what’s up, and if Karlie’s lying Joseline said she’s going to slap her. Something in the milk ain’t clean.


Kirk drops by the studio to check K.Michelle about this incident. K.Michelle reminds Kirk that Rasheeda started the entire situation by claiming to not believe her domestic abuse situation. “I opened up to that girl. I never wanted to do nothing to Rasheeda. I liked Rasheeda as a person.” Kirk gets it, but he’s not here for his wife getting hands put on her. “Hurting Rasheeda, that can’t happen,” he said. K doesn’t take to him barking orders too kindly. “I got goons too, what you mean?” Kirk couldn’t get a word in after K got animated. “Touch Rasheeda and you will not walk the streets of Atlanta,” he finally says. “I respect you and your tutu,” she said. One thing for sure, that darn K.Michelle will make a song out of anything.


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