Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 4 – ‘You Gon Check This N***** Or What?’


Stevie J and Joseline roll up to the Hip Hop Weekly office to ask Benzino if he said he smashed Joseline. “We got too much history to be talking he say/she say,” Benzino said calmly. Joseline wants direct answers. “So you didn’t tell Karlie Redd that you had sex with me?” “I’m not gonna sit here and entertain no dumb s—,” he said. Benzino doesn’t answer the question, which gets Joseline hot. “You gon’ check this n—-a or what?” she asks Stevie. “Why would I want to f— a prostitute?” Benzino says. “If you can’t control her then what you with her for?” Benzino said. Benzino’s heated that Stevie’s taking Joseline’s side. He warns Stevie that Joseline runs her mouth too much and is going to get him in trouble. “So we ain’t brothers no more,” Benzino said.


Traci stops by Drew’s house to drop off the check for the investment. When he takes forever to open the door she starts knocking like the police. “What the hell? Why it took you so long to answer the door?” she asks. When he flips the script asking her if she’d let him in if he showed up unannounced she responds, “Yes, if you had a 25 thousand dollar check, hell yeah I would let you in.” “You’re not supposed to show up to my door,” he tells her. “You’re right I’m not supposed to show up to your door with 25 thousand dollars to invest in your f—-g business,” she said. Traci’s heated now and blames his random women for always affecting something they have going on. “You’re not supposed to show up to my house. That’s the bottomline,” he said.


When the unnamed woman starts to speak up Traci goes HAM.”These b— don’t open they mouth. You train these b—. They don’t open they f—-g mouth.” Traci leaves and Drew runs out of the house after her. “I’m supposed to be your family,” Traci says. “Right and my family comes first,” Drew says. “We never come first.” Traci reiterates that she doesn’t want him teaching her son that having a lot of women is ok. She rips up the check after he says what he does on his own time is his own business. “I remember one time we was in the airport and Drewsey called me Megan…my son should never call me another woman name,” she said. He threatens to go on tour again if she doesn’t invest in his business. “You think I want a baby mama?” he asked after she laments about being a baby mama. They have a long road of co-parenting ahead if Traci’s going to spazz every time she sees him with another woman.


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