Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 5 – ‘I’ll Knock Your B*tch A** Out’


oldladyK.Michelle was on to something last season when she said Karlie was too messy for her liking. And Joseline‘s finally had enough of Karlie’s mouth too. It gets real when you push the Puerto Rican princess too far.

Traci and Drew had a four year relationship she thought would result in marriage, which explains her emotions seven years later. But his concern is Traci popping up over his house unannounced then causing a scene. “In order for that to not happen again we need to establish some rules,” he said. She wants him to admit he cheated while she was pregnant. “What is your definition of cheating?” he asks. While he’ll admit to “seeing” and “entertaining” other women he says he didn’t sleep with any of them. Traci’s recollection is a little bit different. “I’m six months pregnant, women are texting me,” she said. “Women came from the left to the right and it drove me crazy.” Traci feels she deserves to never have to deal with another woman again. “You know we haven’t been together in seven years, right?” he reminds her. His main order of business is getting the money. Traci, girl, keep your eye on this one.


Mimi looks happy with Nikko, the new guy she’s dating. “I’ve got some baggage,” she tells him. Her baggage? Stevie J. At least Mimi kept it honest from jump so there’s no surprises. Nikko’s a producer so Mimi has her doubts, but she’s going with her gut and intuition this time. She’s feeling good about Nikko.


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