Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 5 – ‘I’ll Knock Your B*tch A** Out’


Erica went through Scrappy‘s phone only to find “It was good seeing you” and “I miss you” texts from other women. Erica’s bothered because he promised her she wouldn’t have to deal with these type of scenarios. “Once you go looking for something you gon’ find it,” he told her. “It’s like an emotional roller coaster,” Erica says. She’s tired of trying to build back her trust in him only to keep finding out he’s being untruthful. She shows him her ring finger minus the ring to let him know she’s serious. “I’ve taken it off and I haven’t put it back on.” Erica’s done and breaks up with Scrappy. Cue R.Kelly‘s “When a woman’s fed up…”


K.Michelle is getting her vagina bedazzled to wake it up. “Girl, I know what’s wrong with her,” Mimi said. “She’s stuck on this one man and that’s her little kitty cat’s problem as well.” She refuses to use lube, but she’ll pour salt around the bed. “You pour salt around the bed to keep the sex demons away.” Mimi and Ariane think K’s crazy. “You putting roots on n—-s. That’s what’s wrong with you? You trying to put roots and s— on people,” Ariane said. “It ain’t working,” Mimi said. And don’t forget about the ammonia you’re supposed to clean the house with after sex and before the sun comes up. K, girl, no.


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