Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 5 – ‘I’ll Knock Your B*tch A** Out’


Kirk’s trying to convince Rasheeda to consider doing the diss record since they need the money. Rasheeda is not rushing to jump on a Karlie record. No shade. She wants her online apparel store to branch into a physical location in Atlanta, but Kirk explains to her a store requires a mortgage, lights, paying employees and more. Rasheeda wants him to pump his breaks on shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for his brother when they need to secure their future for later. His answer to everything is her doing the song. “This is called the entertainment business. You’re here to entertain.”


Ladies night is supposed to be about the girls meeting Nikko. Unfortunately, Erica had to break the news to them about her and Scrappy. “Don’t be going through no phone girl,” Ariane said. Erica said she had every right to. “You not just committed to me,” Erica says of Scrappy. “You committed to every gotd*** body.” The girls were really rooting for them. Nikko walks in to meet all the ladies. They jump right in with their requests and questions. “I really love her. I just want to make sure this not no Stevie repeat,” K tells him. Nikko toasts to Mimi’s happiness and invites the women to a video shoot. So far #teamNikko is looking mighty strong.


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