Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 5 – ‘I’ll Knock Your B*tch A** Out’


Benzino goes to the studio to find out why Karlie’s lying on him. Karlie is sticking by her story that he showed her the tape of Joseline in their New York City hotel. “You even tried to tape me that day and I was like, ‘don’t tape me.'” Benzino claims he has a tape of the two of them having sex to which she agreed. “You told me to at the house,” Benzino said. Forget about that Karlie has a point to prove. “Joseline was touching her p***y. You showed it to me!” Benzino denies it, which infuriates Karlie. She finally throws a pair of headphones at him. “This situation got us to a place we’ve never been,” Benzino said about him and Stevie J. “Leave my name out your mouth and I’ll do the same.” Who knows who is telling the truth. But Benzino’s take is this,”See what y’all don’t understand is that you don’t feed into Karlie Redd’s bullsh*t because you’ll come out stinking.”


Stevie J runs into Shay-Mac at the club while she’s bartending. Her mouth has gotten slicker and louder. All liquored up she claims Joseline looks like a porn star, but she was certainly singing a different tune to Joseline’s face. “Is this the Puerto Rican princess?” she asks. Joseline can’t be bothered, she waved, but that wasn’t good enough for Shay-Mac who was so eager to meet Joseline. “Calm down, why you all up on me?” Joseline said. “Listen, I don’t talk to the help.” Shorty is acting a fool in the club meanwhile Joseline hit her with one quick one liner and kept it moving.


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