Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 5 – ‘I’ll Knock Your B*tch A** Out’


Rasheeda had to get it off her chest to someone. Her period is two months late. “I think I’m pregnant,” she said. When she says she’s two months late Erica said, “Whoa Rasheeda.” Rasheeda knows this isn’t the best time seeing as how their main issues are kids and money. “We need some kind of breakthrough.” She finally goes to the doctor for confirmation of her pregnancy. “I feel happy, but stressed at the same time.” She’s hoping for another boy. Telling Kirk can go one of two ways.


Stevie J met up with Karlie Redd to figure out why she’s starting so much mess. “That’s why you’re a zero in this industry right now because you just don’t care,” Stevie tells her. When Joseline comes in she points to Karlie and says, “I’m sick of you h*. What this bitch doing in here?” It’s got really real super fast. Karlie changes her story to say Benzino said he used to “see” Joseline, which could mean anything. When Stevie tells her she has to watch what she says she is having none of it. “I ain’t got to watch s—.” Karlie gets riled up and starts talking crazy to Joseline. Joseline finally stands up after Karlie kept yelling. “Let me tell you something old bitch, I’m not the bitch to f— with ’cause I’ll knock your b— ass out h*,” she said. Joseline goes to pick something up to knock her out. The Puerto Rican princess has had enough.


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