So You Think You Can Dance Alums Allison Holker And Courtney Galiano Bring Fire To Hit The Floor


If you could describe Hit The Floor in one word, what would it be?
AH: Fire. Like in every way: the dancing is in your face, and it’s hot and sexy, and then with the girls and the drama? Everything is fire.

Speaking of drama, are there any rivalries on set between actors and dancers?
AH: This is one of my first experiences working with a big group of females and that was one of the first things I was worried about, I can’t even lie to you. Put me in a room with 14 other girls? Something’s about to go down. Everyone was a family on set; it was a blast. Everyone loved each other and cared, and I think it’s really rare to find that with girls because girls can be feisty.

Courtney, based on your experience as a Knicks City Dancer, how true to life are the Los Angeles Devil Girls?
CG: I was the baby of the team when I was a Knicks dancer and they literally took me under their wing — they’re part of the reason why I’m the woman I am. The team was made up of 17 girls that represented New York, and they were talented, well-rounded dancers. When I was a Knicks dancer, we really would get fired if there was fraternization with the players.

CG: Oh yeah. There was no fraternization allowed. The players were extremely respectful to us and we were extremely respectful to them because we all loved our jobs and didn’t want to lose them. Everyone has a professional relationship at Madison Square Garden, but it’s a little different on the LA Devil girls. We’re a little scandalous!

And New York fans are hard to please. What is the Knicks City Dancers’ strategy to grab the attention of the audience at a time when most people are headed for the bathrooms?
CG: I think staying interesting and staying versatile, and not just performing the same thing all the time really came across when we were on the floor. And I think that’s the same with the Devil Girls–you’re not going to see the same style or the same kind of routine in any of the episodes.

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