So You Think You Can Dance Alums Allison Holker And Courtney Galiano Bring Fire To Hit The Floor


What do you tell someone who says they can’t dance?
CG: Everybody can dance, I think it’s just about bringing that rhythm out. Listen to the music and do what you feel. You can’t be afraid to look stupid because you’re going to have to look stupid before you look good; nobody ever does it once and is perfect.

What’s one song that makes you drop everything and dance no matter where you are?
CG: That Macklemore song [starts singing “Can’t Hold Us”]. He gave me the chills when I watched him perform at the MTV Movie Awards. I love that song, I think it’s so fun.
AH: Definitely Justin Timberlake, “Suit & Tie.” I know it’s a different vibe, but I love Justin Timberlake and anything he comes out with, I’m a superfan.

Who do you think is the best dancer out of the current crop of pop stars?
AH: Beyoncé.
CG: Agreed. That woman is timeless. I love her.

Do you ever try to take her routines or adapt them for your own performances?
CG: I love the way she dances. I think she dances all sassy and girly and I love that style.
AH: I don’t try to copy her style, but the Beyoncé attitude, her facial expressions, the hair whips…
CG: Hair whips! Yes, the hairography.

Hit The Floor premieres on Monday, May 27 at 9/8 C.

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