“Polka Face”: Who Was the Most “Oktoberfest”-ive on Episode 7 of Off Pitch?



It may be May, but this week on Off Pitch it was Oktoberfest. As it turns out, Oktoberfest is a big deal in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Instead of being just a day of drinking and dirndl-wearing, it’s an entire week of drunken revelry and polka culminating in a parade. Naturally, the Grand River Singers got involved, courted the press and tried to impress the judges with their Oktoberfest-themed singing and dancing.

Unfortunately, GRS didn’t win any awards for their efforts, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t give it their all. So who was the most Oktoberfest-ive on tonight’s episode?



Sure, she doesn’t know Bohemia is part of the Czech Republic and that it borders Germany, but Aubrey really, really embraces Oktoberfest like it’s her lifeblood. Drinking by 6:00 am, drunk by 7:30pm and writhing around in a dirndl? Totally Oktoberfest.

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