GUEST BLOG: Sharon Shares 5 Lessons From The Gossip Game Finale



Last week, Sharon taught us how to twirl. But now that The Gossip Game has wrapped, she compiled a list of five takeaway lessons viewers can learn from, even if her fellow cast-members can’t!

5 Lessons To Be Learned From Monday’s Gossip Game Finale:

5) True journalists tell stories based on facts, not our own personal vendettas: The lovely Ms. Drama did an incredible job this episode of demonstrating, once again, what a real journalist is NOT. At one point during the show, she tells the barefaced lie that the rest of us are jealous of her because she gets all the big interviews. Who? Hot Waterz? Oh, almost forgot about her blockbuster sit down with Talib Kweli! Even higher on the falsity scale, Drama had the nerve to call me a “come-up ho,” solely because I’m not against dating men in the industry. But then the hypocrite takes a “business” meeting with Star where he pulls out a roll of ultra-thin lubricated condoms and proposes to use them on her. Let me get this right Drama, you won’t date men in the industry but you’ll let them blatantly disrespect you with crude offers of casual sex? I do believe Star even had her blushing, LOL!!

4) Don’t just hope for your big break. Be prepared for it: Vivian took a meeting with DJ Prostyle at Power 105 about possibly coming onboard as a regular on his radio show. It was smart of her to think ahead and bring some of her latest stories to show him a taste of her work. But unexpectedly, the DJ put Viv on the spot and asked her to audition for him right there and then! Despite her nervousness, Viv handled the situation like a true pro and on her second attempt, totally nailed it! Prostyle looked impressed and I hope Viv hears good news soon. The power of preparation.

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