Hit The Floor Premiere Recap: Beautiful Bodies And Big Secrets Flying Through The Air


“Professional basketball was no place for children–it was barely a place for grown women,” Sloane Hayes (Kimberly Elise) tells her daughter Ahsha (Taylour Paige) on Episode One of Hit The Floor. Yes, the time has finally come to talk about our much awaited new scripted series! Don’t worry about how many burgers you consumed this holiday weekend. Watching these hot bodies fly through the air is a workout in itself.

Entering the Hayes household, we see a supportive duo, who look more like sisters than mother and daughter (bow down to Queen Kimberly Elise, y’all). Despite knowing about her mother’s reluctance to talk about her past as a professional dancer with the Los Angeles Devil Girls, Ahsha comes by the field honestly, and has always dreamed of twirling in her momma’s footsteps. Besides, bank interviews usually last all day, right? She may not have acquired her dream job out of college (yet) but she’s got a super-adorable boyfriend in German (Jonathan McDaniel), who’s willing to ghost ride the whip, cheer his girl on as she follows her passion, and provide the necessary getaway car when she’s doing something against her mom’s wishes. Whether or not she makes the squad, she’s still winning.

Because living at home after college is no picnic, Ahsha is determined to hit that Devil Girl audition, interview Sloane got her be damned. Dancing professionally, in front of sweaty, talented, hot athletes is a lot more fun than counting other people’s money, so we totally understand. Butevery kingdom that looks glamorous and beautiful and effortlessly flawless likely has some nasty dictator behind it, denying his or her people basic necessities in order to maintain the outward air of perfection. Meet Jelena Howard(Logan Browning), Captain of the Devil Girls, who breaks the rules about fraternizing with players, gives interviews to Access Hollywood (Shaun Robinson cameo… drink!), fields mysterious phone calls from mysterious girls named Mia, and is regarded as the best in the business due to her ability to give “face” on the floor. Clearly not a fan of nepotism or newcomers threatening to steal her power, Ahsha’s transparent honesty and little girl lost routine is charming this boss lady. She also thinks Ahsha can’t dance. “You think you can come in here with your busted choreography and take one of our spots?” she snarls. Girls on top seeking to intimidate anyone they can in order to stay there only do so because of their own insecurities, and we’re chalking upJelena’s bark–at Ahsha, at Director Olivia Vincent (Charlotte Ross), and at anyone barista who spells her name incorrectly–as a sign there’s some deeper issues going on inside that perfectly made up face of hers. Still, words hurt, and being fresh from a system that constantly evaluates (and let’s face it, coddles) The New Girl just can’t hack it during auditions. It doesn’t help that Superman aka Devils’ coach Pete Davenport (Dean Cain) did, too!

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