10 Things K.Michelle Should Bedazzle Her Woo-Ha



K.Michelle‘s woo-ha is a star in its own right this season. Despite its name change from hot pocket to woo-ha, it’s thriving quite well even with the slump it has taken since her breakup with that unnamed guy.

The woman has tried everything to get the pulse back in her vagina. Nothing is doing it for her or her woo-ha. Jack Daniels helps a little bit, but he’s not enough to get her all hot and bothered like she was accustomed to when she was with the guy she never names (JR Smith). Hiring a professional to come to her home to bedazzle her vagina was a sign she was in dire need of some help with her polly pocket. And of course, one must invite their girlfriends over to witness such a sparkling monumental moment go down. K didn’t want to get lips bedazzled down there, but maybe she’d go for an ice cream cone or bedazzled Rihanna. Check out the 10 things K.Michelle should bedazzle her vajayjay with that may help it get back poppington.


10. Ice cream cone anyone?
Wouldn’t a jeweled out dripping ice cream cone perk you up a bit? All right then.


9. Her longest boyfriend ever, meet Jack.
A double shot of Jack, one in her cup another on her woo-ha. Now she can get drunk and aroused. Then maybe get some. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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