Hit The Floor Episode Two: Welcome To The Devil’s Playground


Because dropping a paternity truthbomb and running away is never a good look on a television drama, tonight’s Hit The Floor saw our favorite Devils and Devil Girls (and Friends of Devils and Devil Girls) looking for some answers. Whether or not the Devil’s Playground sounds more like the back room at your local video store, or a run-down dive bar on the side of the highway, during preseason, it’s the place where the newest iteration of dancers can be put on display for athletes, coaches, and the fabulous and wealthy who crowd the arena sidelines. It’s also a place where Stephen from Laguna Beach can babble about social media. Am I the only one excited about this?

Devil Girl boot camp is underway, and Coach Davenport‘s proximity to Ahsha during the work week has him all sorts of confused (especially if he had any inappropriate thoughts the first time he saw her in a pair of spandex). He’s tried calling Sloane, only to get the coldness of her dial tone, and even showed up at her front door looking to get caught up on 20something years of family history. This surprise visit didn’t get him anywhere–instead it ended with a chilly “you owe me,” an ominous hint at some unresolved issues from their past. It seems as if Sloane is being a little harsh, hiding Pete’s paternity from him for all these years and now punishing him for his absence, but something tells me we haven’t heard their entire story. (Kimberly Elise also has some thoughts thoughts on this relationship revisited). Until things get resolved, and until you can bear to accept your baby girl being ogled by horny athletes, time to throw yourself into your work, pops. Championship or bust!

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