Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 7 – ‘Ratch Bitch’



Karlie Redd surely is one confident chick when it comes to the career she claims she’s establishing. “They brought me to Utah…I’m in Utah for a party. I’m everywhere,” she said, which had to be the funniest quote of the night. Rasheeda‘s shade was so thick no sunglasses or sunscreen were necessary.

Friends argue. Mimi and Ariane have no beef after K.Michelle was asked to leave Mimi’s video shoot, but Mimi is fed up with there always being an issue when K is around. “You should’ve just named the culprit. Not me,” Ariane tells Mimi. “What is her issue with gay people?” Ariane only explains her position in taking up for K.Michelle. Mimi thinks Nikko could’ve handled it better, but “the root of this whole thing is K.Michelle. Period.” According to Ariane K wanted Mimi to come to her defense. “I’m not f—–g K.Michelle,” Mimi said. That apparently means since they’re not smashing coming to her defense is out of the question. Ariane convinces Mimi to fly to New York with her so they can all hash out their issues.


Momma Dee feels her heavy reign on Scrappy slowly slipping. She apologizes for the EOE cake. “You’ll always be a mam’s boy,” she said after her apology. Scrappy wants her to stay out of his mix completely. “Leave me the hell alone,” he said. Scrappy is so tired of his mom he’s packing his bags and leaving her house. “You is crazy,” he told her. Yes “you is” crazy. “Mommy want to apologize,” she says. Momma Dee’s never going to let that man be a man.


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