Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 7 – ‘Ratch Bitch’


After Kirk’s response to Rasheeda’s pregnancy she’s realizing how different he’s been over the last couple of months. Kirk isn’t letting go of the blame game. “I pretty much feel like it’s spiteful and you did it on purpose,” he says to his pregnant wife. Kirk’s is asking for a good cuss out with his behavior, but Rasheeda keeps her cool. “I feel lonely, I feel lost in the situation, I feel like I don’t even know you right now,” she tells him. Kirk is still unsympathetic. “There’s ways around it,” Kirk said. He has the audacity to reiterate that he did tell her to get an abortion. “That’s some f—-g bulls—,” she said. Rasheeda’s finally getting angry, as anyone would. “Why would you even say that?” Kirk has temporarily lost his mind. She’s not giving an abortion any thought so he has to get with the program. “Hell, no. There’s no other thing for me to think about,” she said. “You sound crazy and I think you need to leave,” she tells him. Our heart breaks for her.


Erica and Shay come face-to-face at a fashion event Traci is hosting. Shay reveals to Traci she and Scrappy have seen each other. “We met up,” she laughs. “It’s like we have this connection that’s unforgetable.” The same connection where he proposed to Erica in front of you at the reunion show, right? What a connection! Traci wants the two ladies to speak, but Erica’s not having it. “I came over here to speak to you,” she tells Traci. Meanwhile Shay is blowing her breath super hard making all kinds of childish gestures.


Stevie J‘s must really want Joseline to go ballistic because if she finds out he’s working out with Che all hell will break loose. “You know I got a little situation, right?” Stevie ask. Che Mack doesn’t think that has anything to do with her. “I ain’t even smell your neck, let alone sucked your d—,” she said. What a wild one. Che asks repeatedly if he’s in love with Joseline. “I love her,” he said. But Che doesn’t think it means anything since he won’t admit to being in love. She agrees to meet Joseline, but only if Joseline is chill. Good luck with that.


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