Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 7 – ‘Ratch Bitch’


What better place to orchestrate a first-time meeting of Che Mack and Joseline than Magic City–ATL’s infamous strip club. Joseline can’t be bothered with even speaking to Che Mack. Che apologizes for the other night, but Joseline is not moved. “Last time you saw me I was hitting the lid and I ain’t mean to hit the lid. It was Yeager…” Che said. Che reassures Joseline she’s not trying to step on her toes. “Bitch you could never step on my toes,” Joseline said. “I’m a made bitch.” What started out as a not-so friendly meeting turns into two strong headed women cursing each other out. “I’ll kick you dead in your braces h*,” Joseline threatens. Stevie’s on mute watching them argue. Joseline doesn’t get why he’s wasting her time when he’s not done with her album. “Is that why you being disrespectful?” Stevie asks. It seemed like things were under control as Stevie explains to Joseline that he was trying to be respectful by introducing them in the first place instead of working with her behind her back. “So you never gon’ do a song with me Joseline?” Didn’t Che see how that worked out with Karlie Redd? “Bitch you will die, be born again, die again and be born again before I do a song with you bitch.” Joseline decides to leave because she’s not happy. Che keeps yapping, Joseline does too. Joseline walks behind Che and snuffs her. Guess that song is out of the question.


In New York Mimi finds out K.Michelle did a radio interview accusing Nikko of being gay. Mimi’s pissed “…about K.Michelle on the radio this morning running her f—–g mouth.” She’s so tired of K making everything about her. “And you need to say that,” Ariane urges. Mimi doesn’t think it will make a difference. “I don’t know what this alliance you and K.Michelle have,” Mimi said. “That bitch will turn on you at the drop of a f—–g dime.” “I know this,” Ariane said. They’re headed to BB Kings to have conversation with K.


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