Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 7 – ‘Ratch Bitch’


Drew calls Traci to the store to break the bad news. “Basically my business partner’s a con artist,” he said. “You have a signed contract?” Traci asks. Of course he doesn’t. He has a verbal agreement. “He basically stole the money?” How could Drew send someone $50,000 without a signed contract. “I’m not controlling, I know what the f— I’m doing…let me had ran this s— this store would’ve been opened last month.” Drew is embarrassed but thinks he can still pull it off. Traci feels like the fool. Girl, they told you not to hand over 25 stacks to him. Why didn’t you listen to your sister (and twitter followers)?


Karlie Redd is still thinking about the diss record, but Rasheeda has bigger problems. “I don’t have to do a diss record,” Rasheeda said. “I feel like that s– is elementary as hell for me. Karlie needs to rejuvenate Karlie’s career.” That was lowkey shade Rasheeda threw. Karlie caught it though. “It sound like you trying to tell me that I’m not hot,” Karlie said. Rasheeda keeps it real and let’s her know that what she saw was horrible. The ultimate shade was Rasheeda’s green screen. “When she no damn well her biggest gigs be at the nearest shopping mall. I’m not trying to say the girl ain’t got talent, but the thing is, I ain’t seen it yet.”


K.Michelle’s BB Kings show in NYC was a sold out success. She was in a good space until she had to talk to Mimi backstage about the drama. “You should’ve had my back,” K.Michelle tells Mimi. Mimi says she wasn’t around to hear the beginning of the argument. Mimi’s point is you can’t question a man’s sexuality and not be prepared for the consequences. K’s getting mad now so she starts throwing darts at Mimi’s boyfriend. “All I have to say is there’s no reason that a grown man has a roommate at the age of your boyfriend,” K.Michelle said. She walks away and says Nikko’s gay and his friend is gay.


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