Hit The Floor Creator James LaRosa On His Tendency To Drop Truth Bombs


Another pair I adore is Jelena and Olivia, two ball-busting women who know how to throw down. Exhibit A:

Olivia: “You need to understand something Jelena, I’m the boss around here, not you. Director, Captain. Any confusion about that is my fault but that is so over.”

Jelena: “Sadly the same can’t be said for this speech.”


Jelena had more than Ahsha to deal with this week. Besides having her leash yanked by Olivia, she also got a message from Mia saying she wasn’t going away–not to mention an envelope delivered to the Playground with what looked like a HELL of a lot of cash. Jelena didn’t look too happy to receive it. Instead, she texted Mia telling her “Whatever you’re thinking of doing, don’t.” WHY DOES THIS SHOW HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS??

Don’t worry, this ain’t LOST. We answer them.

Busy night for Jelena. Besides ALL THAT, and rocking Ahsha’s world, she also found time to have a super awkward moment with Raquel at the bar. There’s clearly no love lost after last week’s blow up between them. Keep an eye out for these two. Cuz this ain’t over. #JelenaChampagneCrotch?

LINE OF THE WEEK: “Less narratin’ and more gyratin’ honey, I’m close, and so is security!” – Kyle Hart

Kyle snags the honor again this week, BUT COME ON. She just says the craziest s–t. And she backs it up–Teddy Reynolds and the inside of Terrence Wall’s locker can attest to that. And how about her playbook with all the names of the high rollers who come to the games? “I’m a Devil Girl now, I’ll never pay my own rent again.” Get it!

Some of you eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed one of our Devil Girls wasn’t in last night’s episode. Ashley Everett, who plays redheaded powerhouse Peyton, had to take a time-out to go back on tour with her rolldawg Beyoncé. She is still very much a Devil Girl and when she comes back something tells me she’ll have a few stories to share… When Ashley told me Bey was calling (I’m calling her Bey now though she has no idea who I am), the same woman who let us use “Run The World (Girls)” in our premiere, all I could say was: Beyoncé Giveth, Beyoncé Taketh Away. But the truth is Beyoncé is sort of a spiritual godmother to this show (Ashley has been a gift!) and we love both women to death.

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