Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 8 – ‘Catch The MARTA’



A good trip has never constituted of being smacked in the face with flowers. Never. Shay and Scrappy tend to their unfinished business, which didn’t end with the white picket fence Shay envisioned. Kirk has still lost his everlasting mind and Mimi may be done with K.Michelle for good. Just another day in the lives of the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta clique.

“I think this was a great f—–g trip,” Ariane tells Mimi. Sarcasm much? “It wasn’t great,” Mimi said. “I’ve had many great trips, but this wasn’t one of them.” Mimi tells Ariane she feels like she’s straddling the fence, and since they’ve been friends for nine years she wants Ariane to straight up take her side. “I know where my loyalty is,” Ariane said. Mimi asks for Ariane’s opinion on Nikko. Ariane, just like K.Michelle, does not think he’s the one for Mimi. “I’m happy right now,” Mimi said. At least for now.


Shay has no qualms about being the run-back chick, basically the chick Scrappy runs to when things are rocky between him and Erica. Rubbing him down with baby oil makes her feel like she’s won some type of prize. “I miss the friendship,” Scrappy said. They’ve come to the conclusion sex ruined what they had. “I think the sausage get in the way.” Shay, girl, cash out. You look absolutely foolish.


When Joseline and Stevie are getting along they work well together. “Make sure they ain’t covering none of that assterpiece,” Stevie says during Joseline’s mostly naked photo shoot. Stevie wants Joseline to make things right with Che Mack. “F— that bitch,” Joseline said. Eventually she admits she was wrong for snuffing Che. “I don’t want no shenanigans out of you,” Joseline says after agreeing to apologize. “And let me find out you smashing her. And I’mma smash your f—-g head open.” She gives him one last piece of advice. “I’m serious Stevie. You need to keep your d*ck in your pants.”


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