Hit The Floor Creator James LaRosa On Sloane’s Lying (With A Capital “L”)


If you were wondering what the very intense reality of hiding a child’s father from her for 20-plus years (and lying about it) can look like, search no further than Hit The Floor. Episode Three saw the once great and powerful bond between Sloane and Ahsha crumble to pieces so small, no ice cream night on the couch can put them back together. At least not yet.

But Ahsha is bruised, not broken, and getting herself back on the Devil Girl squad is the first step towards moving on with her new life. Hear the empowering notes of a Beyoncé song whenever Little A walks into a room, Jelena? Because you should. For #setscoop and an abundance of other hashtags having to do with Kyle‘s abridged lesson in American history, read on for what creator James LaRosa is serving up in his weekly take on the latest episode…

(WARNING: Spoilers! As always, if you haven’t watched this week’s episode yet, sort your s–t out and COME BACK TO ME, BABY.)

Sooo Ahsha moved out. This after melting down, confronting Sloane about lying to her, sobbing in the Devils Arena parking lot during the opening game she was SUPPOSED to make her big Devil Girl debut at, AND barely keeping her spot on the team by revealing to Olivia that Pete is her father. If Jelena was looking for results off that bomb drop last week, she got’em. #kaboom #eatit #haveanicelife

Where does that leave Ahsha? Besides homeless? Sloane was her rock. And her rock lied to her. Like, capital Lied. When Ahsha laid into her, Sloane pleaded with her that “It’s not that simple.” That, I can assure you HTF-ers, is NOT a lie. Stay tuned.

Where was Jelena the whole time Ahsha was imploding? Having a dancegasm (#dancegasm!) on the floor. How ecstatic did she look? AND HOW HOT WAS THAT DANCE? The Devil Girls killed “Ball.” Flips, drops, pretty sure I saw the upside down Exorcist crab walk (DVR it and press pause, I ain’t makin’ that ish up.). I bet T.I. needed to get hosed down after seeing that one. (DON’T LIE T.I. CUZ WE’LL KNOW.)

Someone that for sure needs to be hosed down is Derek Roman. Hot tubs, red heads and naked cigar smoking (another thing that sounds filthier than I intended that I’m refusing to delete it). No one who’s that big a mess isn’t hiding some big pain. Keep an eye on that guy…

Speaking of keeping an eye on, Olivia needs to keep an eye on her man! Newly retired Devil Chase Vincent looked like Magic Johnson, all smiles and applause. Cut to him telling team owner Oscar that M.I.A. Mia reached out to his wife. SHADY SHADY. Chase already tracked the phone number to an address. One Oscar seems awfully interested in. Incidentally, a huge welcome to the Hit The Floor cast to Mr. Rick Fox, who knows a thing or two about basketball. I’d say bow down but the man is a hundred feet tall, you’re bowing down to him already.

Olivia has secrets of her own. One of which was in that plain wooden box in her cabinet. An old photo of her and Sloane. The way she drowned in it… Can you say haunted? You probably can. Unless you have a weird mouth disease.

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