The 10 Most Outrageous Moments From The Couples Therapy 3 Premiere


Couples Therapy 3 Flavor Fav And Tyler

We were promised drama, and my oh my how Couples Therapy delivered. In only one episode, there was crying, bowling, and a little bit of revisionist history. If this is where Dr. Jenn’s latest group of patients wants to begin… well, we guess we can’t stop them.

CT is back for another season filled with conflict, emotional breakthroughs, and of course, famous couples airing their dirty laundry for all to see. From Flavor Flav‘s early clash with his new housemates to his fiance Liz Trujillo‘s bowling alley breakdown, check out our list of the most ridiculous and dramatic moments captured in last night’s premiere.


Things got off to a tense start when the first two couples exchanged pleasantries and blunt judgments. We followed Catelynn and Tyler‘s difficult decision to put their child up for adoption, as well as the emotional challenges it created, on 16 And Pregnant and Teen Mom. Flav informs us right off the bat that he’s never seen the show, so maybe he didn’t realize how hurtful his unsolicited opinions on giving a child up for adoption could be? Let’s hope. Luckily, Liz comes to Catelynn and Tyler’s rescue interjecting that there is not one right path for everyone.


Couples Therapy 3 Flavor Fav And Tyler

Although we were uncomfortable with Flav sharing his thoughts on adoption with Catelynn and Tyler, the scene is pretty incredible as both men rock sunglasses indoors. The quick cuts between the two make us wonder how bright it is inside the CT house.


Couples Therapy 3 Chingy And Flavor Flav

The man who brought us “Right Thurr” explains to the audience just how influential Flav has been to the world of fashion, by comparing him to some of America’s most innovative thinkers–or at least he tries to.

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