Harris Hustle: The Best Of T.I.’s Fatherly Lessons From Season Three



Father’s Day is finally here, and we’re rolling along with our celebration of the man they call King. In honor of T.I.‘s Father’s Day Weekend at VH1, we’re highlighting some of the most valuable lessons he’s taught his children on T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle.

As kids grow older, they’ll inevitably begin to ask more questions about different topics that can make even the coolest parent sweat. Tip handles everything from girlfriends to gangsters in stride, helping his gaggle of little ones lives their best life. Check out some of his top teaching moments from Season Three, below.

1. Don’t Mess With The Little One

Major might be the youngest in the Harris family, but T.I. doesn’t want his children to take advantage of their younger brother. So when a vulnerable, wet Major becomes a target to Domani and Messiah during a friendly snowball fight, Tip must intervene. “Code of the Streets, Number One: We protect our own by any means necessary,” Tip proclaims. “I’m just gonna kick some asses on these little kids who think they can jump on my little baby.” Funny thing is, we wouldn’t be surprised if Major grew up to be the strongest, tallest, fastest of the bunch.

2. Tell Your Story

When King expresses an extreme interest in the “gangster” lifestyle, Tip jumps in to explain that his children shouldn’t glorify a world of crime and violence–especially one they’ve never known. To break it down even further: they’re not ’bout that life. “Those guns are gonna get you in trouble, I’ll tell you that right now,” he says. Rather than simply discourage them from pursuing their dreams, Tip encourages his children to tell their own story, and learn what they can offer the world. “Don’t let your life imitate art, let art imitate your life,” he says.

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