Hit The Floor Episode Four: Learning To Be Sexy


Hit The Floor Episode 4: Ahsha And Derek

Ahsha…open your eyes and TURN AROUND.

Her second visit of the day, to the once occupied Beverly Hills residence of Mia, proved to be even less fruitful, as there’s nothing left of her existence save for multiple hotel room keys. Considering Devil Girls don’t perform at away games, maybe she really liked collecting travel size bottles of shampoo? Clothes, jewelry, her uniform–all are there as she left them, in addition to the abundance of digital passes into a temporary vacation. So what does it mean? (She is or was an escort.) And where could she be? (Anywhere the client desires.)

As long as we’re in the spirit of revealing previously hidden secrets…

1. Jelena kinda, maybe, sorta definitely had something to do with why Raquel didn’t make the squad this year.
Our favorite Devil’s Playground employee insists she feels better knowing the truth, but this might lead her to push harder for a spot on the squad.

2. The Roman Emperor has a secret
After the photo shoot is over and supplies are packed up, we find Derek alone, in the dark, snorting away the love he has for his family and friends. We already knew that this superstar enjoyed the company of triples, but narcotics, too? Tread carefully, Derek, and make sure that Terrence doesn’t find out because things will go down–and Ahsha might call the authorities thinking it’s her grandma. Silly, Ahsha! Yes, kids. Drugs are bad.

3. German is all in
Maybe this isn’t a secret, but G-man fast-forwarded his relationship with Ahsha by installing some semi-permanent hardwear at his place that signifies his commitment to Ms. February. We know this’ll make her at-home practicing a lot easier, but does she feel the same way? Forever?

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