Hit The Floor Star Charlotte Ross On Battling With Jelena And Jumping Into Bed With Pete Davenport


And as we learned this week, you both share a connection with Pete Davenport…
CR: I f–ked him. Turns out he was a player and Sloane was in love with him. They weren’t in a committed relationship, but if Olivia had her values in place, she wouldn’t have touched him… but she did. Little do we know, Sloane was pregnant at the time, so she goes off, disappears, and I certainly didn’t do the right thing by climbing the ranks and becoming the director.

How do you see Olivia’s present day relationships with men?
CR: She connects with Dean Cain’s character as well–you’ll find out that they know each other a lot more than you think. But another thing James [LaRosa] did that was surprising to me was give Olivia a long, great marriage to Rick Fox. Turns out we’re into some kinky sex–like, kinky.

Hit The Floor: Olivia And Chase Vincent

Must have been a tough workday. What’s it like to film those scenes?
CR: It’s fun. I like things that are outside of the box and different. I was giggling to James, saying, “It was a long winter for you, wasn’t it?” There’s a lot of wonderful acting, and a lot of sex. I like the idea–I’m single and haven’t been married for 20 years, so I’m certainly not an expert, but it’s cool [that they] keep their marriage alive and have experimented with things. Rick is not only beautiful, but the sweetest man. It’s a joy to work with him and we giggle through the things we do in the show.

Being a former professional basketball player, did he tell you any stories from his time on the court?
CR: I’ve asked him quite a bit–it’s fascinating; he’s lived it. [During the scene where the Devils retired his jersey] it’s really emotional for Olivia, too, because they climbed the ranks together and now he’s moving on to another phase in his life. I asked him what it was like to make that decision, because you don’t want to wait until you’re so injured and can’t move. Do you want to go out on top? He talked to me about what it was like to make that decision, how hard it was, and how he was still playing really well. It’s a huge, emotional decision, and obviously he relates to that extensively.

We know Olivia loves her Louboutins. Do you think she’s nervous for the future, with her husband no longer being a player and herself potentially becoming the sole bread winner?
CR: He’s a big entrepreneur. He ends up getting a job with me.

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