Couples Therapy Episode Two: It’s Time To Let Go



Joe Francis would serve as his own therapist if he could, scribbling down a list of constructive yet complimentary assessments of his daily behavior. As a self-starting business man, we understand that the Girls Gone Wild creator is used to calling the shots and making important decisions. But when it comes to his relationship with girlfriend Abbey Wilson, Couples Therapy host Dr. Jenn Berman suggests he might be taking his need to control and dictate what goes on a little too far.

Episode Two of CT featured more athletic activity to test just how well the couples work together, as well as the group’s first official therapy session with Dr. Jenn. Flavor Flav and Liz certainly did enough to make themselves stand out during the Season Three premiere, and last night’s installment showed just how far Dr. Jenn may have to go to make an impact on this couple. Read on for the most outrageous moments from the episode.



After the bowling alley blow-up, Flavor Flav and Liz shuffled back inside the CT house with no regard for the outside world. (At least he held the door open for her.) Headphones prevented them from talking to each other, as well as hearing the growing whispers about how their dysfunction is problematic to the group. But after last week, we have to ask: does Flav need to match with someone in the house at all times, or is everyone else just mimicking his incomparable style?


It can be hard to love someone with as extreme a personality as Flav’s, and even more so when that personality is broadcast on national television. Liz’s first breakthrough came early on, when she described the pain she experienced when she learned Flav would be searching to find a romantic partner on Flavor Of Love, eight months into their committed relationship. His disregard for her feelings at this moment, and obsession with money, set off an early red flag.

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