Hit The Floor Episode Five: Planting The Seeds Of Doubt


In addition to reinforcing the importance of texting, especially when looking for a friend or colleague who has presumably disappeared, Hit The Floor is teaching us how important general Internet searches can be for those who have been recently reunited with family members they never knew they had. On tonight’s episode, Ahsha and Pete clumsily admitted to Googling each other during one of their awkward father-daughter run-ins at work.

Despite the unfamiliarity of their conversations, this one resulted in the planning of a date, which should only upset a very single Raquel who at this point is convinced that her friendly legal conversations with the Devils coach will lead to a trip down the aisle, or at least dinner and a movie. (So do we, girl. Hold tight.)


“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…”

As the Devil Girls continue to flaunt their assets outside of the arena, we see just how many admirers Jelena and her girls truly have. But more public appearances mean more opportunities for Ahsha to bring her puppy dog of a boyfriend along, as German happily accepted an invitation to the team rally at Santa Monica pier and cunningly chose to give the DG captain the cold shoulder.(Good boy.) That’s okay! A little shunning never prevented Jelena from hurling hugely detrimental information back at the person who snubbed her.


“But really: are we OK?”

Hey, German: Did you know who helped Ahsha “nail” her photo shoot? (Excellent choice of words, J.) You know, the one in which she was wearing very little clothing? Still a fan of The Roman Emperor now?

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