Hit The Floor Episode Five: Planting The Seeds Of Doubt


In rapid-fire questioning, Sloane revealed the reasons why her relationship with Pete was so destructive and why she fled so quickly, opting to hide the identity of Ahsha’s father for this long. Not only was Sloane violating Devils rule number one by fraternizing with a player, she was involved in some heavy stuff one Derek Roman might know a little something about. (Drugs.) The most addicting substance she got her hands on, though, was Pete, and Sloane explained to her daughter that she felt she would have died had she stayed with him any longer. It also didn’t help her pride or state of mind that she walked in on him having sex with Olivia–who, remember, once was her best friend. I understand that ’92 was a whirlwind year filled with hotel room parties and mind-altering substances, but does that explain Pete’s decision to go peroxide bottle-blonde? Once again, kids: drugs are bad.

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