Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 10 – ‘Karlie Redd, Champagne And Weave’


Mimi has questions for Nikko based on the new info Karlie Redd divulged. Nikko says he wasn’t mad about the gifted car, but he thinks Stevie and Mimi plotted against him by wearing all white. “You think I said, ‘I’m gonna wear white, I want you to buy me a white car and I want you to wear white?’” Mimi asks. “Is that what you think?” That’s exactly what he thinks hence why Mimi thinks his insecurities led him to hollering at Karlie Redd. He dismisses that so she moves on to the names he called her at his screening and he dismissed that as well. Mimi’s had enough so naturally the animosity gets turned up a notch. “I’m leaving ’cause you’re an a–hole. His solution is to ask her if she wants to do a threesome with Karlie Redd. “Don’t f—-g play me you f—-g clown.” It’s a wrap for dude. Bye bye Nikko.


Scrappy‘s having some legal trouble so of course he calls Erica and she goes running to his side. “Wow. You called her?” Momma Dee asks. Apparently Scrappy’s probation officer wouldn’t accept his urine for the drug test he has to submit as part of his probation. “I was gon’ strip search for him and everything,” says Scrappy. His lawyer advises him to go back to his PO’s office and submit another drug test.


Karlie’s opening a hair store where you can get your hair done, a manicure, pedicure and more. “I hear it in the streets,” Traci tells her. “People are talking about it.” Karlie found the time from her busy Iowa touring schedule to open a store. But more importantly, Traci has a crush on a guy. A first date is in the works and maybe she’ll be over Drew soon.


Rasheeda‘s ready to separate her marriage and business so she pays Deb–aka Waka Flocka‘s momager– a visit again. “He’s not playing the management role right now and I don’t deserve that.” Deb isn’t easily impressed and keeps it all the way 100. When Rasheeda tells her she’s pregnant Deb gets her in check really fast. Rasheeda’s under the impression the industry is open to pregnant women and uses Beyonce as an example before Deb cuts her off. “But Beyonce is…hold on now,” Deb says. “We can’t go there now.” Deb is willing to do some temporary work with Rasheeda but she’s up front with Rasheeda. “A part of me don’t feel like it’s going to work.” Deb gives her some solid advice on focusing on endorsements because that’s where the real money is.


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