Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 10 – ‘Karlie Redd, Champagne And Weave’


Ariane‘s grandfather passed away. To support her K.Michelle and Mimi have to both be there for her. It’s the first time they’ve seen each other since the flower incident at BB Kings. Ariane wants so badly for them to make up, even if it’s just for her. In the parking lot of the church K.Michelle apologizes to Mimi. “I had no reason to hit you, no reason at all,” K.Michelle says. “I should’ve never did that because you’re somebody I love,” K.Michelle says. Mimi is at a loss for words. Ariane cries as she begs Mimi to say something. “I don’t know what you want from me…I’m fresh out of everything. I’m out of gas.” Both K.Michelle and Mimi agree it’s not the time or place to discuss their issues because they’re there for Ariane.


Scrappy heads back to his lawyer to find out the probation officer put out a warrant for his arrest. “She’s crazy,” Momma Dee says. Scrappy thinks there’s a conspiracy against all rappers. “They just want to lock you up either way,” Erica adds. Scrappy’s going to have to turn himself in. All around it’s a bad situation for Scrappy.


Traci’s date showed up with a horse and carriage. It takes no time to get into trust issues, their pasts and rumors. “So I’ve heard that you’re kind of a h*,” Traci says. This is a red flag for Traci but she still likes him. He admitted he has cheated. This is definitely not going to help Traci with her trust issues that are left over from Drew. “I might have some trust issues. Very little,” she tells him. Their open honesty with one another so early on is refreshing.


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