Fabulous! Orbit Gal And Model Employee Judge Vanessa Branch On Encouraging Contestants To Get Dirty


Having spent so much time thinking about brands and advertisements, what do you think about some of the other iconic ads from the last 20 years? Let’s start with the Budweiser frogs.
I love those frogs! They are so cute.

The GEICO gecko?
I think if there’s a cute animal in the commercial it’s always a win. I still love the gecko. I know there’s a lot of people who say they’ve had it for so long–I think it’s great. I enjoy that gecko.

Do you prefer the gecko to the GEICO cavemen?
They were pretty funny too, but I would say the gecko. I’m definitely a cute creature girl.

What about Old Spice? Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice guy?
He was very funny and did a great job.

Does it help if there’s eye candy in an ad?
Yeah! Women don’t get enough of the eye candy. Same goes for guys with girls.

What about Progressive Insurance and Flo?
I worked with Flo and did a photo shoot about iconic commercial characters. I always thought she was funny, but I loved the commercials so much more after knowing her. She’s such a cool girl… she’s kind, she’s funny, she’s down-to-earth. I’m a big fan of hers.

Pepsi always recruits big pop stars or celebrities–Cindy Crawford in the ’90s was a hugely popular campaign. What do you think about their aesthetic and their choices?
Pepsi doesn’t strike me as much as other things. I know they always have the big, flashy thing but I tend to like the more quirky, clever than the big and flashy.

What do you think the defining characteristic of a good commercial?
If it’s not humor, then it has to touch you in some way. Most of the time it’s definitely humor, but if that’s not it, it has to be one of the ones that pulls at the heart strings.

Google ads tend to tell a story–whether it’s typing a message from a dad to his daughter, or a story of a romantic relationship–and I’m always crying by the end of it.
I love the one where it’s the dad and the daughter and you don’t really know why there’s not a mom there–ah, I love it!

Exactly! What’s your favorite ad out right now?
It’s an iPhone commercial and it’s all music with pictures from around the world. It’s about how many pictures you can take on an iPhone, but it uses the most widely taken photos around the world. It’s so beautiful, I literally almost cry by the end every time they show it.

Tune in to see which of the remaining contestants will be named the face of Mandalay Bay on the season finale of Model Employee tonight at 11/10 C.

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[Photo Credit: Giuliano Bekor]

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