Hit The Floor Episode Six: Blackouts And Hookups Rock Devils Arena


Television has a long and interesting history with episodes built around blackouts. A lot can happen when the lights go dark! People break up, people make out, and Average Joes like Chandler Bing can hang in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre. With all the drama and sexual tension brewing on Hit The Floor, anything is possible when Devils Arena goes dark. Anything… like meeting Mia, perhaps?

Naturally Kyle Hart knows the lore of the Santa Ana winds, which are notoriously destructive yet also provide the background for some very hot hookups. But Devil Girls and Devil players have more important things on their minds; Dallas is in town! And Owner Oscar can only think about satisfying his checking account by putting butts in the seats and a W on the scoreboard before he can think about satisfying himself.

But, because natural disasters and abnormal weather patterns provide such a great template for unexpected storylines, a few less than obvious (and some very, very obvious) couples get cooped up together when the storm’s strongest winds send the power at Devils Arena into a frenzy. Let’s recap:

Ahsha and Derek Roman
Location: An elevator
Chances of a hookup?: 85 percent. The confined space and Ahsha’s inability to run away helps The Roman Emperor out A LOT.

German and Kyle
Location: DG rehearsal studio
Chances of a hookup? 40 percent. German is too nice (or is he?).

Raquel and Coach Davenport
Location: The Devil’s Playground
Chances of a hookup? 60 percent. We know Pete likes to drink, but he’s spending a lot of time watching R pour.

Jelena and Mia
Location: The parking garage
Chances of a hookup? Very slim–unless that’s why Mia ran away?

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