Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 11 – Kirk’s Hall Pass


At the studio, Joseline shows up while Stevie’s working on her music. Side note, we get a good look at the names of her songs, and they’re pretty much a list of her classic catchphrases” “Bad Boosh,” “Stingy With My Kooty Kat,” and what sounds like Stevie’s influence, “Bread.”
Joseline’s not exactly there to discuss music though. She wants to let Stevie know she’s ready to take a trip to the altar. “I think it’s about time for him to put that ring in this ass.” Oh, like he hasn’t lost a ring in there before! (JK, Joseline.)

Joseline wants the world to know she’s not his side piece, but when she asks Stevie “Do you love me?” he has no idea how to handle it.
She turns on the tears when she realizes he’s not going to give her all the public love and affection she wants. “Naturally, she wants to be seen as my main chick but…who wouldn’t?” Stevie says in response to her crying. She asks to get engaged because “I can’t give you fifteen years,” (nice slam toward Mimi) and he tells her “You won’t have to.”

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