Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 11 – Kirk’s Hall Pass


Kirk rides out to Lake Lanier looking like a villain in an Indiana Jones movie
with Benzino at his side, and he’s prepared to “just do Kirk.” He explains that he’s tired of being locked down to his wife and kids for so long and now he wants time for himself. Unfortunately, this guys’ weekend that they’re spending at their friend Bobby V’s cabin is not guys only. “Leave it up to Bobby V to have a bunch of chicks running around the cabin,” Benzino says. “Lord knows what we’re about it get into.”

Kirk’s not mad though. After a night of booze and strip black jack, he explains “This is what I needed.” Looks like it.
Rasheeda told Kirk to get on his bike and “do Kirk” and he’s taking that to mean he has a hall pass of sorts from the marriage—a pass he fully intends to take advantage of. Benzino is impressed by Kirk’s ability to turn it up but doesn’t want his friend to do something he’ll regret. Turns out it’s too late for that. Kirk’s new mentality is that for his marriage to work, Rasheeda needs to let Kirk be happy, and in order for that to happen, he needs to have some fun with other women. In a hot tub.

“This right here, I could get used to,” Kirk tells Benzino.
Double or Nothing
“Double or nothing,” one of his Jacuzzi-mates says. I’m assuming she doesn’t know about his pregnant wife who’s at home. The hall pass has been activated.

Kirk Bedroom

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