Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 11 – Kirk’s Hall Pass


So…that’s one friendship that’s OVAH. But Erica might need Traci’s friendship and support more anyway because a judge has signed a warrant for Scrappy‘s arrest and he’s going to jail, which means Erica will be a single parent again.

At their daughter Emani’s birthday party, Momma Dee anoints her grandchild “Princess Emani,” of course.

Later, Erica decides it’s time to set things straight with Scrappy and tell him to shape up. “I need Scrappy to understand that your lifestyle is damaging your family,” Erica says.

Scrappy explains that his trouble are just some of the hurdles in life that people need to get over and we all have them, but Erica’s annoyed that his hurdles could be avoided if he tried.

When Scrappy sits down with Emani to tell her he’s going away, it’s heartbreaking. She asks if she can visit and if he’s SURE he has to go. But yes, he’s sure.
“I don’t want you to go. It’s a bad place,” she says. “You have to stand up all night and face the wall.” Whatever jails Emani has been to sound much harsher than where Scrappy’s going, but her assessment of the situation makes Scrappy’s heart break, too.

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