Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 11 – Kirk’s Hall Pass


While Erica is losing the man in her life, Traci is introducing her old man, Drew, to her new one, Sean (or is it DeSean?). “Sean is my boo,” she tells Drew at a club where they were both working on night. “The f*ck you mean, Sean is your boo?” Drew asks. Drew throws a fit, calling Sean a “broke-down Tyrese meets Ne-Yo meets I-need-more-steroids-in-my-cup,” and Traci calls him out for having plenty of women of his own, but he can’t handle her having a new man.
Broke Down

“He’s my man, get over it!” she says.

“He looks like Seal’s illegitimate son!” Drew says, getting in one last insult. “Traci should be looking for someone way better. Someone like me.” These two. Why can’t they just make it work?

Later, the couple goes to lunch to figure out why Drew was such a Babey (get it?) about her new man. “I want you to be happy,” Drew says, “but I don’t want you to be happy with that guy.” He goes on to confess his true feelings, telling her “I was like, ‘S**t, this dude has the girl that I’m supposed to have.'”
Traci is surprised. Drew, who has led a parade of microwaveable hos around Atlanta, is “crazy for thinking I’m going to go back with him,” Traci says.

“I’m gonna show you why you want this,” he tells her, not taking no for an answer, and he gets up and grabs her face to go in for a kiss.
“The arrogance!” she says after she pushes him away. “You didn’t want me back then, keep it that way. Don’t want me now.” Drew walks, defeated, insulted, and put in his place.

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