Hit The Floor Creator James LaRosa On Santa Ana Winds And Whether Mia Is Sticking Around


Hit The Floor Episode 6 James LaRosa

Time to get to know another Devil Girl! Last night’s big reveal paved the way for a whole slew of questions about where Mia has been and why she’s running away. The decision to introduce us to the missing dancer can only be explained by Hit The Floor‘s master and commander, James LaRosa.

Read on for his thoughts on Mia, turning down the lights of Devils Arena, and bringing former flames together again, below.

(SPOILER WARNING blah blah blah)


Finally, we meet.

And aren’t you a doll. A strung out, on the run doll. But a clever one! Using the ole “setting-off-someone’s-car-alarm-to-lure-them-to-you-so-you-can-confront-their-lying asses trick. (You KNOW you’re going to try that now.) Turns out that cash Jelena got at the playground was her own (girlfriend got dough!). It was money Jelena gave Mia, the girl nipping at her popularity heels, to get the hell out of L.A. So the good news is Jelena wasn’t directly caught up in whatever shady shade Mia is. The bad news is Mia came to her for help and Jelena’s first response was to seize the opportunity to bounce a b–ch. DANG, JELENA, GRRL WHO HURT YOU?

So what else did we learn? There are people after Mia. Timed, coincidentally, with Mia’s email to Olivia being traced by Chase (that rhymed!) for Oscar. Oscar’s after whatever is on that microphone, and now Mia knows he doesn’t have it either. So the race is on! Per Jelena, either the uniform is “in the trash where it belongs or some other girl has it.” Mia officially has a mission.

And where do the hotel keys fit in..?

Word to the wise: this isn’t Mia’s only episode, so don’t think we’re gonna leave you hanging with this story. ALL WILL BE REVEALED. And now finally–finally!–I can reveal and welcome the amazing Johanna Braddy to the cast. “Who Is Mia” trended worldwide on Twitter and Johanna couldn’t jump up and down and say ME ME ME! Johanna can keep a secret, and she’s just an awesome addition to the family.

“Lights Out” was about more than Mia. The Santa Anas knocked the power out, stranding folks all over the place. (Fun Fact: this storyline was inspired by a blackout on Guiding Light in the early ’90s, a show I religiously skipped school to watch. RIP GL.)

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