Nicole Murphy Discusses The Emotional Breakdowns And “Furry” Issues That Arise On This Season Of Hollywood Exes


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Hollywood Exes is that rare reality show that features a group of gorgeous, grown women who genuinely have a bond with each other and want to support one another. At the center of this sisterhood is Nicole Murphy — ex to Eddie, fianceĆ© to Michael Strahan, and mom to five kids. We caught up with Nicole this week as she was in the midst of prepping for the new season which premieres Monday night at 10pm ET/PT to find out what we can expect from the ladies this time around. Hint there’s a bit of a “fur issue.” Whatever that means.

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“The first season was all about getting to know the girls and our characters. This season is more about ‘What is happening here?'” Murphy told us. “Drea, for instance. Now that you know her, you’re going to see a whole different side of her, splitting her time between L.A. and Chicago, spending time with her kids. And Mayte, this season she’s exploring adoption and becoming a mother.” There’s a new face in the crowd too, she says. “We have a new cast member, Shamicka Lawrence, who was married to Martin Lawrence and she’s turning to us for support in the midst of her divorce and she’s working on keeping her daughters’ lives balanced because it’s a change for them. Shamicka and I were neighbors when we were both married to our exes and we always remained friends, so you’re going to see this new, wonderful castmate of ours.”

Last season, our favorite moment was the one Nicole spent with her hilarious mother Ellen, and it sounds like we weren’t the only ones who appreciated her mom’s sense of humor. “You’re going to see my mom more,” she assured us. “She is a riot. I love my mom, she is so funny and she has that English sense of humor that’s hysterical. People have been begging for more of her.”

Nicole has always seemed like the proverbial glue holding all these women together, but when I ask if that’s the case this season, she hints at some drama she’s directly involved in. “This season you’re going to see me get a little mad at somebody. I get a little upset! But I do more or less try to hold everybody together and keep the peace and the sisterhood with each other.” When pressed for details on the conflict, she only reveals this much, “There’s a fur issue. You’ll wanna check that out.” Indeed, we will.

Hollywood Exes premieres Monday, July 8 at 10pm ET/PT.

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